tree prints

Did I tell you before?
I love to screenprint.
My latest screen is from a photo I took in Hyde Park.
I reckon there are something close to an infinite number of uses for screen printed trees.
(But these are just 4)

9 thoughts on “tree prints

  1. seascapesaus says:

    You could find an infinite number of creative uses for just about anything eph! I love these lively layers!

  2. glenis g says:

    Love the intricate laciness of the branches.

  3. […] It took me a while to really get printmaking. Messy, colorful, layered up, can’t really go wrong… …funny, it had all the ingredients of something I’d usually love, but it didn’t get me But something kept drawing me back to the studio, and suddenly I was hooked. These are a mix of lino & mono printing. (And a few branches) […]

  4. pishnguyen says:

    Amazing! I love how delicate all the details are. Also, the “pop art” sort of look to the prints from the bold colors you chose is wonderful.

  5. clinock says:

    A visual Treet -really like what you are doing these days Eph….

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