wishful painting

the wish book continues
the modelling paste and stencil thing has been a recent obsession so my pages are getting lumpier, but in a pleasingly ordered, symmetrical way!
Mmmmm, snippy paper bits too. Lots of them.
and as though to reiterate.
(Yes, that H does look upsidedown, I thought that too)

9 thoughts on “wishful painting

  1. pisstkitty says:

    how do you manage to produce so much? It’s great.

  2. Judy Shea says:

    EG,, this is fantastic work. Really. You can’t plan those kind of designs perfectly.. that’s what I love.

  3. pishnguyen says:

    Beautiful. The pages are so alive with color and pattern.

  4. clinock says:

    Totally amazing – especially love #2 and #3 – wonderful to watch your work evolve this year Eph…

  5. daniellajoe says:

    Really nice work, the colors are soothing, I am following you, can I get a follow back??? :-)

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