acetate printing

Messing about with the stencils I cut from acetate sheets…

progressed to monoprinting with the stencils
My challenge was just to use 2 primary colors: red and yellow.
(yeh, + black and white, of course)
strictly speaking reds and yellows (but restricted to only 2 of each)
Love the effects, but the urge to throw in a bit of purple…
turquoise… blue?…No. Temptation was resisted ;)
More soons!
Happy weekending to you alls X

2 thoughts on “acetate printing

  1. pishnguyen says:

    I enjoy all the layering and texture you’ve achieved with the different stencils. It is such a vibrant, warm piece, but it seems to have a lot of motion to it, too.

  2. I love your printing results so wonderfully lush and textured. I love the printing look, yours has come out so well. Love the addition of the staples as well.

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