It’s simple: You take so…

“It’s simple: You take something and do something to it, and then you do something else to it. Keep doing this, and pretty soon you’ve got something”

In adopting this premise put forward by Jasper Johns that to create is to: ‘take something and do something to it’ (I like to suspend expectation) then just  ‘keep doing things’.

Popular wisdom cautions us that creation can go too far – ruined by not knowing when to stop, fidgeting and niggling the spontaneity and spirit away, from whence it cannot be reclaimed.

Unless you choose otherwise.

I’m playing with a new attitude.

One in which there cannot be a point where I step back and tell myself, after critical consideration: this is shit; this has failed; I can’t do this; this isn’t what I planned; followed up by I give up. If, at the time I observe and consider progress, there is no judgement; either it’s done, or it isn’t.

And even if it is, maybe some more will be done to it another time.

It’s all ephemeral.



One thought on “It’s simple: You take so…

  1. Man, this so right-on and beautifully said. I connect to this so much, it echoes my own intuitive process, thinking and automatistic approach to creating. I have written it out, for myself and others, in many ways, but I haven’t been able to clarify it as well as you have done. I am honoured for your Follow and support at art rat cafe, thank you.


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