as one book closes, another opens

On friday I came to the final page of the page a day project. And the first page of a new book!

I’ve downsized for practicality – but every day has a double page spread so in terms of square inchage I have a little more area to cover daily.

Page 1/day 1 came with it’s first happy accident: doodling initially in yellow rollerball pen (effectively invisible in artificial light) sprayed ink through stencil and finding the ink running round the doodled lines.

12 thoughts on “as one book closes, another opens

  1. Hi, This is not a comment related to your lovely post but an apology for failing to respond to your kind nomination for an award a while back.
    I’m really sorry that I’ve totally failed to respond to the whole series of blogger nominations I’ve received over the last few weeks. I have felt deeply honored by the attention and kind words that so many have passed on to me. I’m afraid that I do not cope well with responding to this type of situation.

    Because I’ve built up such a backlog, I’m going to respond to everyone in one post. I’m afraid that I am not passing on the nominations as one is supposed to but I am hope this response is OK for now. I promise to try to respond better If I am in this situation again. Thank you very much to everyone for following and commenting on my blog!


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