purple ponderings

Day 24. More slicing n dicing Here’s a thing I’ve come to notice, these oversized numbers. Featuring on most days, but not premeditated. Sometimes it’s a starting point, sometimes it’s a finishing touch, but they keep cropping up.
Day 25. Layers of acrylics and guache, and offcuts from another thing I’m juggling about with. Subtle in clear gesso, but still sizable numerals. In a more thinky moment I pondered their presence, accounting for it as a balance of order to the free fall chaos out there in the world.
Day 26. The 6 is cut from black gesso-ed thin copy paper and has a wrinkly plastic feeling. The numbers are both edged with scribbled mutterings.
Day 27. Some days consist of bits and bobs straying over the the recent past, culminating in something altogether ‘the same but different’, a familiar view from a new angle.
Day 28 In a mad fit of efficiency I recently sorted through all my colors – paints, inks, crayons, pens – into boxes of the same hue. Working in a small space means any space saved by putting stuffs away sometimes is revelatory. It also means that when the box of purples/pinks is out, then there’s a color theme decided until I’m ready for a change 😉

5 thoughts on “purple ponderings

  1. I get like that with the collage stuff. What’s on the table gets used. I had a cleaning fit and put stuff away a while ago, and now other things have sneakily taken over the space – no room for the collage stuff. That wasn’t what was supposed to happen!


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