IMG_0768 Just as a little aside from other makings, IMG_0763 Not quite a scrap book, not quite a mood board… IMG_0764 I’m calling it my Wish Book IMG_0766 These are some elements for pages serving to crystalise in my mind the hopes I have for the near future… editIMG_0825 Delighting in the way they find their places together editIMG_0824 unplanned (such is my style!) editIMG_0826 these are the colors and shapes I am running towards editIMG_0827 the textures and lushness editIMG_0823 the future starts here! πŸ˜€

17 thoughts on “wishing

  1. Oh my goodness!! This is simply so beautiful and amazing that I don’t know where to start. The colors and textures are all so rich and gorgeous. I am amazed at how you are able to combine all of this together, and it works so perfectly to create a unique and vibrant work of art. If I tried this, I would end up with a huge mess, I just know it! Gorgeous, gorgeous work.

    I have to say, though … My very favorite part is the word “wish”. I love the style of the lettering. The “W”, in particular, is wonderful.


    1. aw thanks my friend! I’m finding the less time I spend in the ‘faffing about’ stage the better – the ‘just going for it’ technique is by far the best approach! Not easy to begin with, but with practice it’s getting easier to let go of expectations n just letting it all fall into place. (I’m very fond of the Wish too! I think mostly cos it’s something very personal to me – that shows through)


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