word clumsifulation

Hi folks, hope you’ve all had a great weekend. I had a surprise visit from 2 old friends last night which was wonderful, but meant I didn’t to bed last night til so late it was morning and my ability to do much at all today has been scuppered!

That said, I have finally sat down and written my Artist Statement. Wow, how many times have I put this off ?! It’s in its first draft stage, but if anyone has a mo to glance over it and offer thoughts that would be most kind of you. I think I have the main essence there but the more I read and over read it just scrambles into a clumsy goo of words. I haven’t even printed it off yet (cos those typos show up better on paper than on screen!) so there might be glaringly obvs mistakes I’m screen-blind to.

Now, I’m off to take this weary brain to bed, go rest up for a big bright new week ahead! G’night all 🙂 X

Currently studying for a BA in Fine Art as a mature student, I am a mixed media artist, with an emphasis on utilising reclaimed materials and found objects. I enjoy the process of reinvention which is echoed in my work by the underlying themes of impermanence, the cycle of life, and renewal.

Often beginning with a loose notion of color or form I work intuitively with a range of media, layering painted and hand printed materials in collage and with stitching. I work on several pieces in parallel, allowing space for ideas to incubate. In a process of construction and deconstruction, salvaged scraps and fragments relate to the emerging theme. Elements often migrate between projects; some pieces evolve over a period of years. As I introduce new techniques acquired through my studies, I am always innovating my practice.

I’m continually drawn to forms and structures found in nature, flowing rhythmic lines and recurring patterns. I also find inspiration in the fleeting visual ephemera, shadows, the play of light, and their transient interactions. I surround myself with color, fascinated by its powerfully expressive qualities. Driven by a fervent need to create and visually interpret thoughts; the process of my art is my meditation.

My style is influenced by a range of art and architecture. The Art Nouveau style, calligraphy and Islamic art all engage my interest in combining organic forms with repetition. The work of Naum Gabo, Louise Nevelson, Bridget Riley and the Cubist movement all appeal for their structural, dimensional aspects which challenge the viewer’s perception.

4 thoughts on “word clumsifulation

  1. Wow, that’s pretty nifty for a tired brain. I think if I were to have one, it would go something like: “I like to paint pretty pictures. If you want, you can buy one!”

    It sounds good, you have a lot of stuff in there. I’m wondering if you have too much stuff actually. Each sentence sounds great on its own, though, so I can’t say which to remove.

    I haven’t read a lot of AS, so I’m just commenting off the top of my head here. I was just wondering what it would sound like in a version somewhere between yours and mine (ok, closer to yours, but I hope you get the point).


  2. The thing that strikes me is that you end not with info about yourself but rather about other artists. That last paragraph is one I’d consider reworking, incorporating with another or deleting.
    2nd last para, last line, “fervent” sounds iffy, not sure about that whole sentence. Maybe more like: “Driven by a need to create and vis. interpret thoughts, my process becomes meditation” – or “is meditative”? Para. 3 might be better before para. 2.


  3. Brilliantly written Eph, really, yet I go along with both previous comments, especially Pia’s observation on the length. Less is more. I’ve found this to be true in my own experience of creating an Artist Statement…


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