It took me a while to really get printmaking.
Messy, colorful, layered up, can’t really go wrong…
…funny, it had all the ingredients of something I’d usually love, but it didn’t get me
But something kept drawing me back to the studio, and suddenly I was hooked. These are a mix of lino & mono printing. (And a few branches)

12 thoughts on “printmaking

  1. I rather like printmaking–all my life I’ve been fascinated. Now that I’ve made a gelatin printing plate, I am *obsessed* with printing patterns and layers and lines and colors–never mind what the heck I’m gonna do with 92 printed pages! <:-D

    I especially love the wonder of monoprinting: "I wonder what it's gonna look like!"


      1. If they don’t sell them in your country, you could easily make one just to try it out. Linda Germain even tells how to re-use the plate as it wears out. I did that a few nights ago–melted it in the microwave!!–and it worked perfectly!

        I love your prints–I can clearly see the layered textures and the colors. I’m still trying to get all the layers of color to show, and even like the “hmmm… that’s not what I meant” efforts!

        Would you tell, please, what kind of paint are you using? I think it would be amusing for me to *have* to purchase some nice Golden transparent liquids because I *have* to do monoprints! Perhaps the next 50% off coupon for the local art store…. >:-D

        I’m still tickled that Isobel sent me here. Your work inspires me (especially now that the brain fog is lifting and I can play a little more freely and “see” better)!


      2. I’ve been using regular old water based block printing ink (the type they supply at college – so not the expensive kind!) + acrylic paints (daler rowney system 3, fevicryl & liquitex basics…. it’s just what I had to hand). If the paint is bit gunky I mix down with acrylic printing medium – like a retarder I guess.
        I’d love to explore with other makes… so must make concerted effort to use up existing stocks so I *need* to go paint shopping!


  2. Beautiful examples! Very nice work. I fell in love with printmaking years ago, when I had access to an etching press. Now I look for ways to do prints without one. You would totally love the new gelli plate. They didn’t pay me to say that! LOL! I am just completely hooked. I think the most exciting thing about printmaking is the surprise factor.


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