Integrity & Solidarity

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You may have seen this video, it’s been spinning about on the web this week, by an artist in distress.

As I watched it I felt the enormity of all it represents well up inside. I wanted to reactively repost and type angrily at the world. But instead I’m sharing it as a message of solidarity, from one artisan to another. From one who has tried, been dismayed, discouraged, ridiculed and dismissed, but been unable to stop. Like a river, creativity can be dammed up, but will always find a way through. The weight of the water being the support this video has garnered.

This darling soul is baring her heart, and it touched me so strongly. She creates beautiful, wearble art. She just wants to make a living. And most importantly, despite the unsolicited opinions of the ignorant masses who shout their unsolicited opinion and sour grape flavoured vitriol, will (I hope) continue to follow her passion. She speaks for many of us.

To everyone who’s living this pain – the anguish (too strong a word? no, I don’t think so) – of having to justify your burning urge to make and share and not defend and rationalise, but just to do. Keep doing, keep making, keep going. We love you, we respect you, we need you to keep going.

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