Hibernation VS Motivation

2015/01/img_1787.jpg I’m sluggish in the cold, I’m part hibernating, and sleepiness seems to be the theme. So to counter this, I’m pushing a lot of energy into brightness and optimism.

The new (super) moon at the start of the week prompted me to set some new moon intentions, which are glued onto the Bagua vision board .

To accompany my makings, I’ve been listening to the podcasts of Zig Ziglar this week… (I’m reminded of Reverend Lovejoy from the Simpsons by his accent which informed my mental image to begin, but that’s fading as I’m getting more familiar with his style) which has an old fashioned, down to earth, honesty of common sense and untarnished positivity with a very wholesome feel. He’s kept me buoyant.


As one week folds into another the temperature drops some more, I’m upping the colour volume some more. I’m not usually a heartsy kinda girl, but they keep showing up, so this week has a big heart at its heart.

Wordage supplied by bits and things I’ve picked up along the way…. I was especially taken by this quote, which brings together themes I’ve been speaking about lately

“Whatever your gig or deal,
If you spend your time and your focus
and your emotion on creating and manifesting that,
There isn’t anything that can stop you.”

[Gina Devee]

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