Dive in: Reach Out 11/52

We all face bravery in different ways.


It isn’t always a visible show of courage


oftentimes nobody else knows quite how much it took


We all develop our ways of stepping forward, facing up.


Bright, bold, audacious.

Then what?

Then you have no choice, you gotta jump:


This week, in my little way, I faced a bravery. And I dived in to a new phase. And it’s gonna be BIG


6 thoughts on “Dive in: Reach Out 11/52

  1. I read the Tarot among other things, but used to have a Gecko, for about 10 years, until it died. They are so cute. In the Tarot when it’s time to be brave, or take that leap you are scared to do, you get The Fool in your reading. It doesn’t mean you are foolish, it’s telling you to live in the moment, and not worry so much.


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