Note to Self: 17/52

Sometimes I’ll hear or read something I like, I have to write it down. Write it down quick before it escapes. Trap it. The weekly art journal is often to hand, and when the current week is getting full, I’ll drop in these new words somewhere in the future pages. Then when that week rolls around it’s there to remind me. This week remembered to me of this truth:

“Everything I need is already within me.”

I took this photo for fear of the words getting buried. I wanted to show them to you. I love the simple truth of it. We’re so much more resourceful that we think, much of the time.


In this much collage there’s a risk of word burial.


I’ve still got the collage bug big time.


I love the build up of layers, the intensification of imagery.


As it turned out, those words just got bolder. Then became surrounded with eyes. (of course!)


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