Envelopes and Time (19/52)

I shared recently how sometimes I’ll drop into the future and leave myself a note. Turns out I’d done it again for last week’s page:


“Each morning I am born again. What I do today is what matters most.” Last week hadn’t kicked off to the best start, so it was maybe just what I needed to read. (Well done me-in-the-recent past). That in mind, collage on:


Hey, d’u remember the whole paper-dying obsession I had a while back? (it continues, I just don’t go on about it so much these days). Of all the scrap paper I LOVE to make use of, I really like to use envelopes.

What is it? Idk, maybe how they’re so readily discarded, they appeal to the rescuer part of my character.

Also, so often have such pretty patterns hidden inside. So junk mail arrived this week and it was inside one of may fav prettily-insided style envelopes.

I’m aware that’s quite a niche in geekiness to have a fav prettily-insided style envelopes.


This week the page as a whole left me a little Meh, but if anything saved it from it’s feel of half-arsed mediocrity, it’s this tiny honeycomb patterns.

So here’s how the page evolved….

IMG_4456 IMG_4458 IMG_4559

I feel like it isn’t really ‘done‘ and that’s why I don’t feel happy with it. But whatever, it’s last week and in the past now. I like the colours and the honeycomb and sometimes that just has to be enough.

Onward and upward!

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