red-blue (45/52)

Still playing catch up : I’m just a few pages from bringing you up to where I am in the book now!

IMG_6141 IMG_6143

This week’s collage fodder includes some ex-pages from a gridded notebook, and a recycled envelope with a pleasingly matching tiny-gridded inside pattern.


Coloring in the squares makes a tranquil meditationy pass-time. Time to brain-idle for a bit. Coloring in the bitty little envelope-innards squares was more of a tiny dot technique that was less restful, and less pursued.


Color-wise I’ve got a big Red/Blue thing going on a lot in my life.  Season of contrast – I want to balance out all that muted wintery grey and fog.

Edit: I just noticed this: the poppies! That was a subconscious thing I didn’t register at the time. I actually had to look back and check the week this was, and yes, it was the week with remembrance day.


This week I’m mostly wearing red & blue. (Did I tell you I have blue hair right now. This color obsession has literally gone to my head!)

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