365 self love update


The pace of this project is slow but steady, marching through time at 1 inch per day. And already since the start of the year it’s a past the first page.


And the book is teaching me lessons already: Page one’s squares were measured and neatly spaced. Page two’s are are more in keeping with my style: eye-balled, uneven, bit wonky in places.

IMG_6977After the first few weeks I’ve wandered off from just doodle/painting to include collaged bits – fragments of that day’s doings. It intrigues me how different the mood of each day looks. It intrigues me to see how the coming weeks and months will look, and the lessons they will bring.

13 thoughts on “365 self love update

  1. hi gecko. i love the look of what you are doing. it will be very exciting to see how it looks after the year. i am doing my own daily art practice–anything i want on a 5×7 paper foundation completed in one hour. I was doing really well until this week when life got odd. Seeing your pages inspire me not to give up.


    1. It’s a tricky balance – commitment to a project and making space in normal life, right? I don’t always remember/find time to do the day’s square actually on the day (I was zealous for the first 2 weeks… the life… yeh, you know the rest!) but I try and think about the day I’m doodling when I do it and put something a bit meaningful in. There’s something really satisfying about looking back once it’s done. I guess that’s like a lot of stuff in life!


      1. I’m definitely interested so thanks much for the link to the original idea!! I was thinking of just jumping in today and then backfilling days as I went along…or not…I like the idea of loving myself enough not to put unnecessary emphasis on “catching up” to feel like I’m “doing it right”, kwim?


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