just lurking

Hello lovely friends of the internet, I’ve missed you, where have you been?

IMG_7875 IMG_7873 IMG_7885

I haven’t posted in a little while due to an absence of images.

IMG_7910 IMG_7904 IMG_7914

This is the coming together of a doodly thing I did a few weeks back

IMG_7902 IMG_7908

Watercolour and fountain pen,  intricate and involved but in a stilted inhibited style, so I left it there

IMG_7937 IMG_7916

My creative mojo has dropped off temporarily, the tide’s gone out, so I’m patiently waiting it out.

Meanwhile, I wish you all a beautiful Solstice, whatever that means to you. Be well, lovely souls X

13 thoughts on “just lurking

  1. Hello, Carrie lynn.

    I love y’r colors and forms.


    I’m interested in y’r characterization of this latest [lurking] set of works as being in a stilted inhibited style.

    If you can and would care to, I’d like to know more of what you mean by stilted inhibited.

    Only thing I note is perhaps ‘crowded’ but I still love it!

    Y’r [new?] ol’ Bud, Fike


    1. HI there Fike 🙂 What I meant was that the lines weren’t as easy flowing as my usual style. I often work in this crowded way, but with a more free looking movement. Perhaps I’m reflecting how I felt at the time I made this (there’s no escape our feelings, right ? They escape through the pen!)
      Thanks for your lovely words 🙂


    1. Hi Jenn, thank you so much! This piece was done with a water pen and koh-i-noor dye (?) water colours. They’re lovely vivid pigments which reactivate when dried and rewet, so I went back with the water pen to add more detail . The finer lines are fountain pen (dark and red). The process was a sort of meditation, no plan or expectation, just doodling 🙂

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