Seven days without color: day 7

“Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.”

Seven days without color: day 7

#blackandwhitephotochallenge #sevendayschallenge #sevendayphotochallenge

“Good morning, world”

Phew! what a week! and we’re only half way through!

This little black and white photo project has been just the light relief I’ve needed amid all the full color planning for TWELVTY 2018. (TWEL-what? — go look-see over here)

Although it doesn’t begin for a couple of months (cos the name is a clue, right?) you can register now and then in the new year we’ll get started on a new adventure around the color wheel.

I’ve got exciting new ideas for this next run of the program so 2018 will be even more fun – y’know I’ve got folks from the 2017 group joining again for a second trip! That speaks for itself!

If you’re in my mailing list then you’ll have access to a limited number of reduced rate spaces – normal price £97 GBP for the year, or £65 if you nip in quick and snag an early bird place! Lawks!

So if you’re not already, get on the mailing list. I send out newsletters about once a month and you can always unsubscribe if that gets too much 😉


(and I’ll send you my shiny new ebook A Year full of Color (2017 version) as a thank you for joining)



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