2017 reflections 2 of 3



More outings – Kew Gardens to see the Rhododendrons (so much love for these flowers!) and the Tate modern to see Giacometti with friends from art school. These are sculptures I’d only seen in photographs – I get a star-struck giddiness when I see art I ‘know’ from pictures in real life. They were oddly both smaller and larger than I’d imagined.


This was also the month I went to the Pink Floyd retrospective at the V&A. This band played the soundtrack to my teenage years and on through my 20s, they still hold a special place in my heart.

Listening to: Judge John HodgmanTangentially SpeakingMounika




Some few years ago I began looking into my family tree. An uncle began researching years before the internet which makes it so easy, and in June we began comparing our findings.

In searching out my mum’s side of the family I found out my great grandfather was a jockey, and by the power of Google and then ebay I acquired this newspaper page from the 1880s with a photo of him.

Stranger yet, both mum and dad had family who lived within a couple of streets of each other in Bethnal Green in the 1800s. Both families moved to other parts of London long before my parents were born, I can’t help wondering if they knew each other.

This little sketchbook was my companion all through the summer.

This is the month I began my 100 day project of daily drawings and doodles inspired by the photos in my phone. I take pictures wherever I go – not just of people and places and things, but of patterns and textures and colors too. I have a lot of photos in my phone. I started out with a photo from the Pink Floyd exhibition.

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My year full of color is still progressing at the pace of a color a month, July moved into purple/violet. At the start of the year I’d planned to create a body of working each color/month. Sometimes my plans are bigger than I can fulfil, and by July I decided to merge two month/colors together. The blue-violet-purple project was a series of little hanging 3d textile pieces I call “Wishes”.

This is the month I took possession of my Sketchbook Project book. That’s another work in progress, which I’ll update you on soon.

Listening to Chillhop – Audio Dharma



August’s plans were turned upside down when my appendix exploded, leaving me in hospital for half the month.

I have immense gratitude for the NHS and for free Wifi that kept me sane through sleepless nights and boring days. I wasn’t able to do a lot, but I could distract myself with youtube and get my daily creativity hit by playing with the Diana photo app that randomly picks photos from your phone and does double exposure magic with them.

Watching: Ali BrownMinnie SmallGTD – Batikwalla – Frannerd


I’ll be back with the next instalment of reflections tomorrowish. Meanwhile………


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2 thoughts on “2017 reflections 2 of 3

    1. ooh weird, I thought I replied to you but it must have got lost in the whirrings of the internets. How cool – I love the little moments of art that slip into the ‘ordinary’ bits of the day 🙂 Wishing you n yours all the best for the holidays and a bright colorful new year xx


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