2017 reflections 3 of 3



I love Brighton but not visited for a long time. So when I saw Suzanne Vega would be playing there in September I just had to book, and we had a break by the sea for a couple of days.

14 year old me sang her little heart out along to Marlene on the Wall & Left of Centre  amid all the architectural frills and froo-froo of Brighton Dome. Bliss!

Just before the trip I got a little clip on fish-eye lens contraption for my phone. When I wasn’t taking pictures distorted into circles, I was finding round things to take photos of too (seems to be the way my mind works, it latches onto a theme and won’t let it go. Often it’s completely unconscious at the time, then I notice when I look back.)

Back home I made a new friend – a visiting cat I named ‘Pinkle’, because of her very pretty pink nose and ears. Some while later Pinkle’s other humans informed us she’s a he-cat, so he’s now known as ‘Mr Pinkle‘.

Listening to: Jon Ronson’s Butterfly Effect ~ Burning Man Essentials (2016) ~ Sleepdealer



October saw the end to a few projects, releasing some brain-RAM to take stock of where I was and what was to come next.

This notebook is home to the lists of lists, the home to my brain dumps. It reminds me of the Hitch hiker’s guide to the galaxy. The HHGTTG has the simple instruction on the cover Don’t panic, the cover of the guide to my universe has Begin at the beginning, Go on till you come to the end, then stop.

This was the month I completed my 100 day project  I started back in June. It taught me lots of indirect lessons, way more than just practising the motor skills of drawing. I began the under-doodles in my sketchbookprojectsketchbook

Listening to Wun Two ~ Alan Watts ~ Rob Bell: What is the Bible?



Teenage me had another giddy moment in November, Imelda May at the Royal Albert Hall. I didn’t know her music at all before, and it’s not quite my bag, but the gig ended with her being joined by her ‘special surprise guests’: Ronnie Wood & Bob Geldof! Holy Moly!

I had the biggest crush on Bob Geldof when I was a young thing (and – relatively speaking – so was he), it’s strange to see him as a grey haired old man.  There’s a part of me that remains unconvinced the last 20-30 years have really gone by, I see him circa 1980.

I spent some time revisiting art I’ve made over the years and designed a set of postcards this month which was a lot of fun and I was so pleased with how they came out I designed and ordered another set straight away. There are still a few left in my Etsy shop if you’re interested

This month I finally got the set of Daniel Smith watercolors I’d been daydreaming over since I saw them reviewed online! Yes, they are pricey, yes they are totally worth it! I’ve had a word with Santa, and I believe I’ve some more headed my way very soon! Thesecolors are vibrant and lush, and I’m using them in my Sketchbookprojectsketchbook (more on that in the near future!)

Finally I got my antlers on & the holiday buzz began with a trip to see the Christmas lights at Kew Gardens.

Listening to Henry Wu ~  The Little Book of Ikagi by Ken Mogi ~ Confusing Boogie




Of course as I type this to you, the month is just half way through, but already we’ve had some snow (this is England, land of the bland weather, we get very excitable when it snows!)

The holidays are just around the corner, the tree is up, the pressies are wrapped, everything is feeling sparkly.

I met up with a bunch of my family in London at the weekend (there are many of us – just 12 at this little gathering) – some I hadn’t seen in more years than I like to remember, and some were so young at the time they didn’t remember. It still feels weird being one of the grown ups at a gathering like this.

I’m almost at the end of my year full of color, TWELVTY. Although it wasn’t my intention when I set out, I’m really looking forward to taking another trip around the color wheel in 2018. As I finish this year I’m honing and polishing the content for next year. It’s gonna be so much fun – if you’d like to know more you can find out here!

Listening to TomppabeatsBelieve Me: A Memoir of Love, Death and Jazz Chickens – Eddie Izzard ~ Lux


What a year it’s been! I hope your 2017 has brought good things to your life, and you’re able to find some time in the coming weeks to reflect and plan ahead for what’s to come next. 

In the last 12 days of the year (beginning tomorrow) I’ll be sharing the 12 months of color that have made up TWELVTY. Meanwhile…


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2 thoughts on “2017 reflections 3 of 3

    1. It’s funny – I didn’t notice all this going on day to day – but looking back you’re right, it’s a lot of stuff! TWELVTY has really taken up a big chunk of my time through this year, and I’ve so enjoyed it!

      I look forward to seeing more of your artings soon too. And I wish you n yours all the best for the holidays and a bright shiny 2018 🙂


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