The stories inside pictures

The stories that emerge from pictures are what’s forefront in my mind today. Not the illustrations of literal stories, I’m thinking about the ones that appear without words.

perspectiveFromMixy (1)

Untold, but there to be found. Waiting to be noticed, to be overheard.

perspectiveFromMixy (2)

Idling in my sketchbooks.

perspectiveFromMixy (4)

I keep seeing the same metaphors in what I draw and what I  photograph: it’s all about perspective, the angle, the view.

perspectiveFromMixy (5)

Softened edges, a change of light.

perspectiveFromMixy (6)

Stop for a minute and just watch…

perspectiveFromMixy (3)

Where do you most notice the unspoken stories in the world around you?


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