Gradually I’m recombobulating after an unplanned summer-long sabbatical.


It all began with slipping away from social media, from blogging, and from the digital mayhem of click-baity distraction.

Then it spilled over into my creative practice, as I set down one project after another, anything creative that felt more should do than a giddy-excited-to-play.

It was the accumulated exhaustion of someone who’s spent a life time rushing and bustling and keeping too may plans spinning. Driven by poorly reasoned logic, no time to question my motives.

The only kind of making that lit up my heart was sewing, so that’s what I did, day after day, until the lull passed.


This is a wall hanging I began making years ago. On and off I’ll pick it up, spend my spare time stitching away, then it goes back in a box and sits for a while longer.

This was the only creative outlet that’s sparked anything in my soul of late.

Then, as suddenly as all the ideas dried up, one at a time, they began to sneak back. 

Beginning with some new textile projects and spilling into a bundle of new art journal/sketchbook ideas, it feels like that part of me that thrives on making and doing has come back to life. As the un-hibernation process is picking up momentum, one idea is feeding into the next. I’m feeling more like me again.

A little bit of what’s on my creative horizon!


In my latest newsletter (going out later today) I share more about getting through these lumpy few weeks of  un-creativity; what’s on the horizon for my next projects. And you can be first to see my latest flip-though video of the project that set off all that’s going on now. Yay!

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4 thoughts on “Un-hibernation

  1. Wow, Mixy. I hardly know what to say other than we are all witnessing you listening listened to your sweet (and tired) spirit redirecting you towards rest and rejuvenation of your creative innerspring. I have the chills over the resurrected wall hanging and all it’s delicate (and intricate) explosively colored beauty. Congratulations – you inspire me!

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    1. Thank you my friend! your words are (always) wonderful to read. ❤ It's taken long time, but I'm beginning to listen to myself over the noise of 'what I think other people are thinking' – which of course is primarily about their own comings and goings and not mine at all!


  2. The ebb and flow of creativity and focus is fascinating – and sometimes frustrating… September was odd for me, plenty of ideas but no ability to focus on starting any of them; the only way I could get anything done was to not give myself any time to think about it beforehand. I absolutely adore your textile art, all the layers and the details and the gorgeous textures, and of course the colours… beautiful.


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