Inspiration, Invitation.

The art we surround ourselves with, the music we listen to, the stories that provide our diversions: these make up the food that sustains our own creative bug.

some of the ingredients for my imagination

From stitching beads onto painted fabric and dyed papers – collaging these into books and onto objects, I get proper giddy excited thinking about new combinations of media.

Right now I’ve got a yearning to add more elements into the art I’m involved in making. More aspects, more facets.

“In Other Words”

A few years ago I made an installation with a crazy big drawing on a roll of paper that was suspended from wall to floor like a waterfall.

The drawing was made from the transcript of a sound collage which played along with an animation, projected on the wall behind. Yes. It was a lot going on!

You can see the video element of the piece called “In Other Words” here

yes, this is my actual eye!

So here’s the thing:

I want to make something big and exciting & I’d love you to join in!

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