another wave of chaos (43/52)

Each week I complete another page of this book, each page is similar but distinctly individual, echoing the shape each week takes. More often than not I’ll be listening to the radio, a podcast, or someone speaking to me from the internet. And the words that resonate loudest often find their way into the page. … Continue reading another wave of chaos (43/52)

on story telling

My last post, the lovely comments it received, and the reaction to the project I described has got me thinking much more about a few things. Y’know, little inconsequential things –  The nature of reality, the fabric of time…. I’m not even sure if I’m being facetious here (so ingrained in my character as that … Continue reading on story telling

What if….

Of all the things we cling to, I find expected outcomes are hard to drop. Some hope of sense of stability or control… That desire to know what’s next, where I’m steering towards and what it’ll look like when I get there. Which I know isn’t real. Just imagine the possibilities that could show themselves. … Continue reading What if….