that time again! (1 of 2)

Looking back at things I made in 12 months makes the year stretch back further. January feels like a lifetime ago now... My 2016 in art journalling has looked like this January February March April May June The tail of the year, the time to look back & look forward, funny cos in so many ways … Continue reading that time again! (1 of 2)

living the dream

So you know how it was such a long held wish to visit the US... from early little me watching TV through growing up with the music and the movies and all that hype ... through to a growing realisation the place is enormous and a long way away. And then a number of years later, I … Continue reading living the dream

Happy landings, shininess

a few days ago I landed in Seattle, and I fell in love with the place. Not least for the Seattle Center which includes the Experience Music Project - the EMP Museum - the most amazingly shiny building I've ever encountered - which I spent a good hour or so just circling and photographing while oohing and … Continue reading Happy landings, shininess