Outnumbered in my own story.

I've spent so many hours in the world between the pages of this book. From the layers of drawings and doodles, to reliving the experience via editing the videos I made for the 100 days project, each page has developed a narrative. Here is the next in the series of compiled time lapses (previous ones … Continue reading Outnumbered in my own story.

A plan, two things & a video.

About a new art journal Giddy excitement. When I started this new (oooh new!!) art journal I decided to make the whole book the subject of a big time lapse experiment. There's nothing like a new book to fill me with BIG intentions. Plan: I'll play first thing every morning and record what happens, then … Continue reading A plan, two things & a video.

Letting go of the butterfly

It's curious to relive the visual journey. There's nothing like filming the process to relive the 'why did I do that?' moments.