the planner rabbit-hole

If you're a list-writing, journaling, planning kinda person, if you've explored the online circus of delights that cater to folk like us, you'll understand the mental-quick-sand-iness of it all.

A life full of color

Some lifetimes ago, a sixteen year old version of me failed to get the place in art school that she'd pinned all her early hopes to. Dismissed by the grown ups who'd repeatedly explained: 'being an artist isn't realistic' led to years floating adrift from my calling. (They were wrong. And this isn't what I do, I've come to realise, it's what I am)

100 lessons from 100 drawings

In no particular order, these are the realisations that accompanied this project. These were observations I heard over and over again in my thoughts, page after page... 

sticky things

The backdrop to my 2017 is the year long art project, TWELVTY, where each month has its own color. An unexpected side benefit to this is I've got this clear delineation in my time. Each month is visibly new. A month is a manageable sized lump of time, and I'm relishing month-sized projects this year. It … Continue reading sticky things

who is that?

The time is here: I really want to consolidate some of the mishmash of identities I've got here on the internets. It's confusing for me now, so I forget how disconbobulating it must be for others... Y'see, I set this blog up all those years ago as a bit of a whim. I wanted to have … Continue reading who is that?

Twelvty launch!

Hi friends! Here we are, after much squirreling around I'm delighted to let you know: TWELVTY is now on sale! I am SO excited!  To celebrate I'm offering a 2 month discount off the year long program if you sign up this week TWELVTY is a brand new program I'm launching today, it will … Continue reading Twelvty launch!

New Moon – New Plans

New Moon - New Plans I got back from my travels last month so wiped out with jetlag, post giddy-with-deleriously-excited induced tiredfulness that I lost most use out of almost a full fortnight. Then no time at all later I went and took off again. I'm back now, this time long enough to catch my own tail, to take a deep breath. … Continue reading New Moon – New Plans

living the dream

So you know how it was such a long held wish to visit the US... from early little me watching TV through growing up with the music and the movies and all that hype ... through to a growing realisation the place is enormous and a long way away. And then a number of years later, I … Continue reading living the dream