Outnumbered in my own story.

I've spent so many hours in the world between the pages of this book. From the layers of drawings and doodles, to reliving the experience via editing the videos I made for the 100 days project, each page has developed a narrative. Here is the next in the series of compiled time lapses (previous ones … Continue reading Outnumbered in my own story.

Letting go of the butterfly

It's curious to relive the visual journey. There's nothing like filming the process to relive the 'why did I do that?' moments.

Summer Sale!

30% off almost everything! I'm having a big Etsy sale through to the end of July original artwork, dyed paper collages, art cards & postcards. + FREE SHIPPING on orders over $35 Plus another 10% off on top of all this if you're a newsletter subscriber!I know, right?! Help me make space in my studio … Continue reading Summer Sale!