A Year in Mixed Media ~ part one

Throughout 2015 I completed a mixed media art journal, one page each week. Some weeks were easier, some were colourful, some were hard to start and some were hard to finish. Both in terms of the art, and in terms of the weeks out of which the pages emerged. It's all metaphors, right?  This year I'm … Continue reading A Year in Mixed Media ~ part one

almost completely (50/52)

Every week this year I've worked on one page of this art journal. There's a poignancy to the last pages of a book, a wanting to eke out the fun.... mixed with a readiness to move on to new projects. Oh so many new projects lined up! This is an almost complete page of the … Continue reading almost completely (50/52)

ingredients of a week (49/52)

In no particular order, this week's page is built out of these things... Derwent XL Graphite (same folks who make the Inktense stuff). Big chunky blocks that are also water soluble. Great for grubby grimy grunge. Vague shapes and noises to form the ambiance. Brené Brown vividly describes something I've been focused on this year, these words showed up … Continue reading ingredients of a week (49/52)

weightiness (48/52)

The year is winding down and the book is getting fat. The pages are reflecting this in a literal way, piling on colors, darker, thicker, visually weightier. Pencil on paint on marker on washi on paper on pen on paper on page. Over and over; On and on. The lines are getting tangled up. The shapes and … Continue reading weightiness (48/52)

thoughts are things (46/52)

Do you know Mike Dooley? He's a proponent of this idea, as I am too. This was in my mind this week as this page took shape. Everything begins with a thought.  The idea of this book didn't seem like a realistic thought 11 months ago when it was born.   Although I'm behind in showing you … Continue reading thoughts are things (46/52)

red-blue (45/52)

Still playing catch up : I'm just a few pages from bringing you up to where I am in the book now!   This week's collage fodder includes some ex-pages from a gridded notebook, and a recycled envelope with a pleasingly matching tiny-gridded inside pattern. Coloring in the squares makes a tranquil meditationy pass-time. Time to … Continue reading red-blue (45/52)

a nest of nests (44/52)

As this week progressed I was listening to the audio book version of Tim Ferriss' 4 hour work week. His finely tuned systematized out-sourcing structure is a few bounds further than I will stretch, but I'm finding  workable elements to feel more productive before they even manifest out of the theoretical. One rule is 'Don't multi-task' This is a truth I … Continue reading a nest of nests (44/52)

another wave of chaos (43/52)

Each week I complete another page of this book, each page is similar but distinctly individual, echoing the shape each week takes. More often than not I'll be listening to the radio, a podcast, or someone speaking to me from the internet. And the words that resonate loudest often find their way into the page. … Continue reading another wave of chaos (43/52)

Contrast and Agreements (42/52)

Sometime earlier this year I fell upon the Four Agreements (Miguel Ruiz). This week they fell back into my mind, so I caught them here on the page. If you don't know them, The Four Agreements are: 1. Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word … Continue reading Contrast and Agreements (42/52)