Parallel Progress


If there’s one thing that keeps my creative imagination alight, its progressing a few pieces in parallel.




Sometimes a piece has to sit and dry, or sometimes it needs just simply to sit.

It might be in (one of) the ugly phases, uncooperative, or just tired and needing a rest.




Ideas need to incubate, assimilate, to marinate in wet paint or to settle amid the layers of thought processes and ideas.




Among these layers of color and pattern are layers of construction and deconstruction.

Themes emerge and submerge, continually spiralling around, cross pollinating each other as they go.




Time finds their place, turning in turns they cycle into their next phase.

(I often feel like I’m on the outside looking in while this happens)


These images are snapshots of the paintings I’m making for the 100 day project. You can see them develop day by day in little time-lapse snippets over in Instagram #100LayersByMixy 

These little videos, in turn, are combining into longer video stories.

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100 Layers & a Manifesto

I wrote a manifesto!

For reals!

100 layers by mixy manifesto
#100layersbymixy Manifesto

I was telling you yesterpost how I came to pick my project, how I’m exploring beyond my usual painting boundaries.

How I’ll manifest this challenge:

  • For the 100 days from 3rd April to 15 July, I’m going to share my creative process.
  • Some will be on Instagram (follow along on #100layersbymixy )
  • Some over here on this blog
  • Some will be just in my newsletters (scroll on down to the end of this post to sign up if wanna get all the deliciousness of my project!)

I’m going to make a series of multi-layered paintings and time lapse the process, so there will be videos and photos to share.

Plus all the other layers: the ones that aren’t the actual paint and paper:

  • The layers of unfolding ideas,
  • The inspiration from what I listen to while I create,
  • The ideas & thoughts that lie underneath the images that appear on the canvas.

It’s going to be epic, folks!

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