2017 reflections 3 of 3

September SUZANNE VEGA - 'MR PINKLE' - BRIGHTON I love Brighton but not visited for a long time. So when I saw Suzanne Vega would be playing there in September I just had to book, and we had a break by the sea for a couple of days. 14 year old me sang her little … Continue reading 2017 reflections 3 of 3

A life of its own…

Y’now I've been immersed in color for the last few months.  Not my usual multi-colored chaos (although there’s no escaping that) – but a very specific niche of color – as I explore and examine the color wheel. It’s a project I played with a few years ago keeps returning to in one way or another. … Continue reading A life of its own…


This morning I launched my newest project - a year full of color - "TWELVTY" All as scheduled, 9am my time, so the early wee hours for the cross-pond recipients. Each month this year has it's own color: January is yellow, and it's flooding my thoughts. It's the sunrise of a new project.  The idea came to me just a … Continue reading Dawn

Let’s Light up 2017

Things have been weighing heavily around here lately, you noticed that too?  Even when you do your best not to get dragged down there's still an underlying sense of being, at best, completely unsettled.  As I've shared here before, if it weren't for my art practice I think I would have sunk many times. A few days ago … Continue reading Let’s Light up 2017

New Color Fuelled Excitements!

I've got big plans brewing and I want to tell you all about them! Beginning with (drum roll and accompanying cooing noises, if you will) "TWELVTY" ok, that's a working title... I'll tell you a little more about it and perhaps you'll have some better ideas on a name! So here's the thing: 5 years ago … Continue reading New Color Fuelled Excitements!