Paper Obstacles

I had a really clear idea what I wanted to do with this book from (almost) the outset last year - a rambling whirl of doodles, a stream of consciousness running through the pages.


because a squillion things need doing. because my eyes have soaked in so much color lately. because time-lapse is the most fun thing in world.   today I made this:

almost completely (50/52)

Every week this year I've worked on one page of this art journal. There's a poignancy to the last pages of a book, a wanting to eke out the fun.... mixed with a readiness to move on to new projects. Oh so many new projects lined up! This is an almost complete page of the … Continue reading almost completely (50/52)

evolution in paint chaos 34/52

Week 34 into the year, and this page was a struggle. Like they always do, it started out with scraps of I don't know what. Some scrubby paint, some leftover unwanted collage snips. Beginning at the familiar stage of: 'Meh... but this will get buried. It will come good. See what happens' Color usually helps... … Continue reading evolution in paint chaos 34/52

Courage, Faith, Trust. 33/52

Scribbled things. Filled in with nonsense and part heard words Dabs, daubs, splosh. Dragged, drawn out, drawn on. And more, and further. Anemones? meteors? Some frenzied chaos. (I honestly don't know.) But as usual, I like the details best of all   The title for this week - Courage, Faith, Trust - came from the same-named … Continue reading Courage, Faith, Trust. 33/52

Colour bomb 28/52

This week was full of colour. Dabs and daubs. Layer on layer on layer on layer on layer... Eyes and spirals and circles and more... Building up over and over and over and more and deeper and lusher and more. That's the sorta week it was.

Newest Obsession: Chapter One

Since way back in the earliest days of exploring mixed media online, through the vast and wondrous wealth of blogs, the treasures and techniques that ppl share on YouTube, I've often come across folks doing this thing called altered books. I'm going to lay it on the line here: it's made me think Huh? Sure … Continue reading Newest Obsession: Chapter One

the other side of the ugly (18/52)

  Yesterday I was sharing about the ugly side of creativity. When it's in that worse before it gets better zone. The only way outa here is forward: Charge on forward through this zone. If you can't carry on right now, let it rest.Let it settle. When you come back it's going to look different: … Continue reading the other side of the ugly (18/52)

Long Time Week (13/52)

One quarter of the year through: meet week 13. Compared with the last few, this was an uncomplicated page: dragged paint and organic in its making, a lightly tribal vibe. Muted.   But as a collection of 7 days in my life it's been brimming to overflow (hence less time to spend in this book). … Continue reading Long Time Week (13/52)