Evolution of a Ideas

I love the dance between the digital and the analog. Set the pixels in place, print and then set to with the tools of a previous age: Actual cutting with actual scissors Actual mess  with actual paste. The combination of these colours and the sheen of the medium have given her heads a pearly purity. (And … Continue reading Evolution of a Ideas

Two Views (21/52)

Art journalers who embrace the unplanned, who find their mojo in the serendipitous, whose ideas bloom out of happenstance: these folks will know this old trick: Squash that inky stencil between future pages of the book in which you're playing and get the two-folded benefits of not wasting a drop of delicious colour and planting … Continue reading Two Views (21/52)

Chapter Next: The Letter

Another week, another page in the altered book to show you. I notice sometimes when I'm working on a project, just how little control I have. It's not that I don't know where it's going, I'm not even steering the way. It's going its own course and I'm simply wielding the brush or the pen … Continue reading Chapter Next: The Letter

Chapter Next: Unity & Variety

I'm having so much fun with this altered book. As it develops more meanings are attaching themselves. For instance, it has 42 pages, and as we all know 42 is the meaning of life, the universe and everything. So suddenly it has a theme attached... it's a book with elements of life, the universe and … Continue reading Chapter Next: Unity & Variety

out of the sketchbook!

I'm so enjoying the page a day project, and the 12 in 12 (updates on that one soon) but it has meant that not so much art has been going on outside of the sketchbooks. So I decided to venture out of my papery comfort zone and onto canvas. This is a first for me! … Continue reading out of the sketchbook!

Sat urday

With the rest of the alphabet stencils cut (ok... v, w, x, y, z aren't done yet... it's a bit fiddly and I wanted to get on and play!) today's page is all about sat sat saturday... Layering up the letters, positive and negative cut-outs Using a mix of acrylics, glazes, watercolors, gouache, pastels and … Continue reading Sat urday

new things old things

this was Monday's page, recycling techniques in a new order, mostly acrylic with a bit of ink spray. Very much into stenciling just now. I've ordered some Frisket paper (and waiting on delivery as I type) and giddy with anticipation!!