I'm taking a big jump into the unknown this week! Since I was a little thing I've dreamed of visiting the USA. That magical place I saw on TV. Over the subsequent years I've made some half baked plans, but now it's actually going to happen! The spirit of seven year old me is going to meet Mork … Continue reading jumping!

2016 Adventures…

What adventures do you have lined up for the upcoming year? Are you a planner, or a wait'n'see-er? I'm a bit of both. I like to have some looking-forward-to-things lined up, pre-booked, so that creeping apathy or the inner critic can't persuade me to wriggle out. But if I start organising my time too much I … Continue reading 2016 Adventures…

Behind the times 5/52

Last week was such a wild week, full speed ahead into the future. .... Big mental adventures, idea exploration, culmination and loose end tying. And then the massive full moon on Tuesday. Maybe that's why it's taken until now to post last night week's page. This is where it started out: a splurge of words … Continue reading Behind the times 5/52

beginning of a new adventure

I started the page a day project on 16 March this year. 3 books and 6 months later, what began as a whim rapidly snowballed into an all-out obsession, and I have loved ever minute of it! This is starting to sound a bit final, a bit endy, and it isn't that at all. Although … Continue reading beginning of a new adventure