100 lessons from 100 drawings

In no particular order, these are the realisations that accompanied this project. These were observations I heard over and over again in my thoughts, page after page...Β 

Gaping Void

I love Hugh McLeod's drawings, and his very succinct way with words. This cartoon of his is a favorite of mine, those three words speak so much to me. They describe so much. He wrote a fantastic article on creativity (I looked it up just now to link you to it, to find it's over … Continue reading Gaping Void

word clumsifulation

Hi folks, hope you've all had a great weekend. I had a surprise visit from 2 old friends last night which was wonderful, but meant I didn't to bed last night til so late it was morning and my ability to do much at all today has been scuppered! That said, I have finally sat … Continue reading word clumsifulation