My Indigo June

Twelve Colors in Twelve Months: 2017 is my year full of color. I called it Twelvty. Because that's just the way my mind works... and because I like made up words. Each month I take another step around the color wheel, and focus on making art in just this color. I like the liminal places … Continue reading My Indigo June


because a squillion things need doing. because my eyes have soaked in so much color lately. because time-lapse is the most fun thing in world.   today I made this:

Altered Thinking

I'm away from home and away from this blog for a few weeks... I'm missing my studio but I know in my absence the ideas are bottling up and there will be opportunity for outpouring before too long. Meanwhile I've had time to ponder on where I'm at, and how I got here. From here I can … Continue reading Altered Thinking

imaginary animals

Some of the characters I collected in my camera at the V&A last week, having filtered through my imagination, turned up in my art journal. As they evolved along the way, some got a little lost under the layers. faces merge animals and human, some characters from other projects join them. As the weekend wore on, … Continue reading imaginary animals

Heart Wide Open 3 of 3

The final chapter of the book “I believe in the good things coming... More pages more words to my story, More grace, more meaning unfoldin’... Everything's already alright, Everything's already alright...” ~ Nahko Bear Find all the book here................. ~ Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3

Chapter Next: The Letter

Another week, another page in the altered book to show you. I notice sometimes when I'm working on a project, just how little control I have. It's not that I don't know where it's going, I'm not even steering the way. It's going its own course and I'm simply wielding the brush or the pen … Continue reading Chapter Next: The Letter

Chapter Next: Mirage

Some the pages in my altered book are already conveniently titled. The book began as an orphaned volume of short stories, and some of the tales' titles just appealed too much to cover up. Doesn't Mirage just conjure such magic? I haven't embarked on any of these pages with a plan. Planning just isn't in … Continue reading Chapter Next: Mirage

Chapter Next: Unity & Variety

I'm having so much fun with this altered book. As it develops more meanings are attaching themselves. For instance, it has 42 pages, and as we all know 42 is the meaning of life, the universe and everything. So suddenly it has a theme attached... it's a book with elements of life, the universe and … Continue reading Chapter Next: Unity & Variety