Are you ready?

I've worked my socks off to make this as fabulous & fun as I can, I'm really proud how it's come together. So much so, if you don't think you're getting value for money by the end of the first segment, you can have your money back.

12 things about TWELVTY

Want to brighten up your 2017, meet creatives, see color in a whole new way? Join TWELVTY!

out of the color zone

One of our major projects for this term is beginning to take shape. I'm expecting it to be a series of images (or 'outcomes') with a connecting theme - someone very special to me - as a form of memorial. Incorporating digital photo editing, screenprinting, and some painting. So here's a little bit of where … Continue reading out of the color zone

thoughts of the moment…

In the accidental gap year I found myself in last year, I determined myself to continue learning. I absorbed a wonderous feast of inspiration and enthusiam from the good folks of the internet. Yes, that includes you. I thank you sincerely. I collected and devoured books and articles, blogs, tutorials and galleries (online and off). … Continue reading thoughts of the moment…

I will always be learning: day 1 :D

Well folks, I'm happy to report the course is running! Big thanks for all your kind support - it really worked! I haven't got my student loan through yet, but I've got my ID badge and I had first day today! The story, so far... Enrollment on Monday was the usual fiasco... but that seems … Continue reading I will always be learning: day 1 😀

beginning of a new adventure

I started the page a day project on 16 March this year. 3 books and 6 months later, what began as a whim rapidly snowballed into an all-out obsession, and I have loved ever minute of it! This is starting to sound a bit final, a bit endy, and it isn't that at all. Although … Continue reading beginning of a new adventure