Twelvty begins in January 2017. It's a 12 month journey through 12 colours: exploring, experimenting, collaborating, painting, playing. Each month is dedicated to its own single color, and January is all about YELLOW. We start here... you wanna come along? It's going to be so much fun 🙂 Join up now only £144 for the whole year.   

knowing when

I've heard it said the key to painting is knowing when to stop. Conversely, it's also important (to my mind) to know when to keep going.  How many abandoned sketches and paintings are there in the world? I would guess a great many more than those that finished (or past that point). My current art journal is … Continue reading knowing when

mental noise

Amid the hubbub of chatter inside my head I'm sometimes aware of one group of voices much more clearly than all the others. it's louder, more forceful than the rest of them. More strident, it's shoutier...  y'know? In order to distance my own thinking from theirs, I've named them the 'chorus of cynics'. Some days they're so vocal, … Continue reading mental noise

hatching plans…

I'm planning to put together a video showing the evolution of these pages. From their kinda ugly beginnings based on indecision - paint - no, pen - no this colour - no, blobs not spirals, no -wait, .... through the messy phase (phase!!) The bits that look more complicated than they really are (maybe) Over and … Continue reading hatching plans…

something familiar going on…

We've all got our own way of categorising, organising, ordering our worlds about us. And we often aren't even aware of this until we encounter someone whose ways differ greatly from our own. For me, it's by colour.  (no shit...really?) Back in a previous life when I was an office bunny who shuffled papers and … Continue reading something familiar going on…

universal things

We've all got our theories, our beliefs, or rules by which - with varying degrees of conviction -  we play this game. The nutshelled version of my belief system is: We're all doing the best that we can, given the resources and information we have to work with, and that nobody knows what's going on.  Not with … Continue reading universal things

derailed logic

You know me well enough by now - you know not to expect a simple train of logic, don't you? When I found this anonymous model, the leopardskin, that sultry seductive look, and all the glamour of the 1940's 'do -- and I don't remember the exact connecting train of thought that same next -- I just straight away … Continue reading derailed logic

spinning into spring

A few days past the Equinox - whichever hemisphere you're reading this from  - we've all just tipped a balance of seasons. I'm typing to you from the north, so my days are now eversoslightly longer then my nights. Which makes me glad. It suits my intermittent insomniac tendencies - if it isn't cold and … Continue reading spinning into spring

the str-e-e-e-tch

This guy was in a yoga magazine before he got here. In between times he's been hanging out in my collection of cut out magazine snippings. I haven't attempted this asana for a long while, it's one that feels amazing at full stretch with straight limbs like this, but limbs and joints don't always want … Continue reading the str-e-e-e-tch

circus of uncertainty

It's a continuing theme... We are back in the book again. Come in, have a stroll round... It's a bit wordy underfoot so mind your step. There's a regularity to the irregular once you get used to it here. There's a quiet comfort in the uncertainty. And as in the parallel world outside, no-one's really sure … Continue reading circus of uncertainty