merging emerging

Last night I couldn't sleep. So I painted. And I pondered. Life is as quick as a flash, a sprint through some generations and it's done. And life is a slow evolution, spiralling up through understanding new layers of the game. It's both. Everything & Nothing. Empty & Full. Contrast & Confusion. Zigs & Zags. … Continue reading merging emerging

Scraps of Serendipity

How to make a decision, how to avoid paralysis of overhwelm, when there are a hundred gazillion options, how does that work? Cos here we are, right, in the 21st Century, and if you're reading this I'm figuring you're someplace a little bit like here. A place where art supplies are available in more colours, more … Continue reading Scraps of Serendipity

friday afternoon thoughts

The unfolding of my days now includes this nightly ritual, no matter what time I have between getting home and going to sleep, at least part of it is spent between the pages of this book. I make the time, eke it out, surprise myself how much page can be covered and how many doodles will … Continue reading friday afternoon thoughts


Yesterday I went to the funeral of the mother of an old friend. I don't see him much these days, our lives distanced in different directions, but as a teenager I spent some time hanging out at his house and with his family, so I went along to say hello/goodbye. The last time we saw each … Continue reading hello/goodbye

on letting go, on moving on

Continuing from yesterpost, as I'm finding my place in this book, it's finding its place in my days. I'm loving the contrast of my art against the books original purpose (which I spoke of more over here). The waves and the lines criss-crossing the verbal nonsense. More than this I'm enjoying the meditation of the evening ritual this book … Continue reading on letting go, on moving on


Last month I declared my intent for a new phase of being me. The new rules? there are no rules. This is my age of unruliness!  So to start off I'm simplifying; I'm streamlining. I'm de-cluttering my life both  literally and figuratively. Honestly, permanently and fundamentally. It's proving a wrench to begin, if I'm honest about it, but … Continue reading unruliness

stream of consciousness

I'm so enjoying this book, it's a book without rules or boundaries. Previous art journals have always had a Reason Or arbitrary parameters to guide the content. Often it was based around a time frame: a page a day , a colour a month, a spread a week But this book is finding its own natural … Continue reading stream of consciousness

A questioning mind…

You know me - you know how I love to puzzle something out. I was wondering about my current art journal recently.  Join me over on Dirty Footprints Studio for my monthly guest post where I unscramble these thoughts about just this.

thoughts de jour

Traditional journalling - the outpouring of words and thoughts and the recording of happenings, events and reactions is quite linear: these things occurred, then were recorded; these things were planned and projected, then recorded. Art journalling is far more holistic. Even the most literal illustrations are cast in the light of the mood, defined by the … Continue reading thoughts de jour