Here We Go … 16/52

This week, and how it took shape, began with these elephants who dropped through my letterbox on a leaflet for the zoo. Amongst all the hoarded nonsense and clutter that accumulates our livesΒ  .... This week I found a box of old sheet music, and a bunch of books, all way too tatty and damaged … Continue reading Here We Go … 16/52

A Sacred Space

I was pondering this thought: a sacred space doesn't have to be a physical space. It can be a space in my day, a number of minutes I hold back from everyday use. A little bit of room in the day to release some thoughts into the ether. And ask the rhetorical questions. A few … Continue reading A Sacred Space

back and forth and backth again

Like a meandering meandery thing, so much to say, so little sense of order...! Amongst the changes I'm progressing through in recent months, I've re-aquired a bunch of stuff that's been in storage for a number of years. Some of which: a veritable shedload (well, technically, half a van load) of miscellaneous textiles which are … Continue reading back and forth and backth again

Boxy Day

As a kid I assumed Boxing Day was a reference to the amount of boxes strewn about the place after 'unwrapping day'. Ok, hands up: When you surveyed the goodies Santa brought you, how many of you were also eyeing up the boxes and packaging debris... as a wonderous array of new paper, card and … Continue reading Boxy Day

every last ounce of goodness

I've been dying fabric for the quilt lately. I've been dying fabric for years. It got me thinking: The only stage I don't like is towards the end when the residue dye - as it's no longer active - has to be poured away. Why? it's mostly water. But something inside me winces, it's beautifully … Continue reading every last ounce of goodness

Seeing through new eyes

Over the last couple of years, my perspective has shifted. Like after an epiphany, I began to see differently. Expectations and assumptions either altered or vanished. I've always enjoyed the process, creating, painting, etc-ing.... but inevitably it would go wrong and be set aside (that paper/fabric/material etc was expensive/so nice before I ruined it... for … Continue reading Seeing through new eyes

Happy endings

Ingredients: Paper. I can recommend a HP940C printer manual, but guess anything made out of paper would do just as well πŸ˜‰ Procion dye. Super vivid colors. I used Magenta and Yellow. Brusho. (Or any ink). I chose Brusho for it's intense colors Spray inks - like dylusions or Ranger color wash. Or any ink … Continue reading Happy endings

papery things

The dyed printer manual has really got me thinking about all the other redundant paper lurking in the house and office - future dying ideas........... All instruction manuals - speshly those ones relating to things long broken, gone or forgotten Phone directories; the Yellow Pages would be a fab base for warm-colored dyings Newspaper, magazines … Continue reading papery things