100 lessons from 100 drawings

In no particular order, these are the realisations that accompanied this project. These were observations I heard over and over again in my thoughts, page after page... 

Let’s Light up 2017

Things have been weighing heavily around here lately, you noticed that too?  Even when you do your best not to get dragged down there's still an underlying sense of being, at best, completely unsettled.  As I've shared here before, if it weren't for my art practice I think I would have sunk many times. A few days ago … Continue reading Let’s Light up 2017

New Season – New Art Journal

Maybe it's a throw back to school days, for me September has never lost that New-Beginning-y feel. This bit of year where the edges of summer and fall meet up, crossover a little, shimmy back and forth for a week or two before chillier times set in for proper. I love all the seasons, but I most enjoy the beginning … Continue reading New Season – New Art Journal

Just For You!

EDIT 25 Sep: the lucky winners will receive notification from Dirty Footprints Studio by email before the launch on Monday 26 September. But it's not too late - you can still sign up right here   Hey dear friends -- I have a gift for you! To celebrate my online class teaching on 21 Secrets … Continue reading Just For You!

which color?

If you only had one color to use, which would it be? Or how about just two or three? Do you find you have a handful of colors that you tend to stick with? The colors your comfort zone is decorated in? Ever fancied straying outside this palette but not known where to begin? How about an encouraging … Continue reading which color?

knowing when

I've heard it said the key to painting is knowing when to stop. Conversely, it's also important (to my mind) to know when to keep going.  How many abandoned sketches and paintings are there in the world? I would guess a great many more than those that finished (or past that point). My current art journal is … Continue reading knowing when


A few years ago I created a year long project, dedicating each month to a single colour. Beginning in January with red/purple - that gorgeous magenta I keep falling back into - I cycled my way month by month through the primary/secondary/tertiary colours, ending the year in Red. Ever since I've had the desire to follow up … Continue reading Reinvention


Last month I declared my intent for a new phase of being me. The new rules? there are no rules. This is my age of unruliness!  So to start off I'm simplifying; I'm streamlining. I'm de-cluttering my life both  literally and figuratively. Honestly, permanently and fundamentally. It's proving a wrench to begin, if I'm honest about it, but … Continue reading unruliness

the ancient and the absurd

When a birthday falls mid week, mid winter, mid-school holidays (not to mention mid-life) - a less inventively inclined type might find this precludes fun activities - y'know, with friends, outdoors, not surrounded by a gazillion anxty families.... One thing was for sure, I wasn't going to spend it in the office pretending it's just another day. (Too many years … Continue reading the ancient and the absurd