100 lessons from 100 drawings

In no particular order, these are the realisations that accompanied this project. These were observations I heard over and over again in my thoughts, page after page... 

stream of consciousness

I'm so enjoying this book, it's a book without rules or boundaries. Previous art journals have always had a Reason Or arbitrary parameters to guide the content. Often it was based around a time frame: a page a day , a colour a month, a spread a week But this book is finding its own natural … Continue reading stream of consciousness

the ‘because’ of art journaling

  I've got old journals - the 'dear diary' variety - dating back over decades. Of no interest to anyone but occasionally me, I see what me-in-the-past was up to on this day however-many years ago. At art school I began to keep sketchbooks, filled it with thoughts and plans, doodles and scraps. Mainly visual references and test … Continue reading the ‘because’ of art journaling

a nest of nests (44/52)

As this week progressed I was listening to the audio book version of Tim Ferriss' 4 hour work week. His finely tuned systematized out-sourcing structure is a few bounds further than I will stretch, but I'm finding  workable elements to feel more productive before they even manifest out of the theoretical. One rule is 'Don't multi-task' This is a truth I … Continue reading a nest of nests (44/52)

What the eye-fish?

It might look like I've been deliberately obtuse about the eye-fish thing... What can I say, they appear in groups of three, and so far 2 of the 3 weeks of this new year's book have hosted a set. Yeh, really, they aren't eyes, they aren't fish. Eyes and fish are quite different things, and … Continue reading What the eye-fish?