A is for Alphabet

alphabetica.jpgI’ve had this book, Alphabetica by Lynne Perrella, on my shelf for a long time.

It’s a gorgeous reference for folks like me who play with mixed media art, and who love language, lettering, and for things to be organised alphabetically.


This year I’m taking a 12 month course by Carla Sonnheim called Y is for Yellow, where we have a new class each fortnight, one for each letter of the alphabet (26 fortnights: 26 letters)

So here two aspects of my creativity have overlapped beautifully and I’ve dived right into the All the A-things. Abstractly Adding All the A-things that come to mind here……

Y is for Yes!


And Y is for Yellow is a course being run by Carla Sonheim – she of the adorable imaginary creatures – which must have lodged in my subconscious when the idea of made up animals came to me last summer (more on them later)

I read about Y is for Yellow a while ago and wrote myself a note to decide about it nearer the time. It’s about creating a body of work for mixed media artists. Well – that’s what I am and what I need to do.

Then suddenly we’re almost a week into January and it turns out the course begins in just 2 days. I thought I’d missed the beginning: this is an omen.

Y is for Yessy Yes Yes this Year for me. I signed up straight away!

Another new community of artists – another year of new art challenges – I just know I’m going to love this!