colorful excitement!

Hey folks! Today I took a bunch of my stuffs into college to use the photo studio - so I now have some properly lit pics to show you! There's nothing to beat having a real expert set up the lighting and lend you their really good camera! I've been invited to show some of … Continue reading colorful excitement!

corridor of doors

I love metaphors. In my world knowledge presents itself as a corrridor full of doors. Some are locked, Some seemingly lead nowhere. Keep on moving, keep trying the doors. Many lead to another corridor. All these corridors are full of doors. But gotta keep trying... Today's door opened to everything there is to photography beyond … Continue reading corridor of doors

beginning of a new adventure

I started the page a day project on 16 March this year. 3 books and 6 months later, what began as a whim rapidly snowballed into an all-out obsession, and I have loved ever minute of it! This is starting to sound a bit final, a bit endy, and it isn't that at all. Although … Continue reading beginning of a new adventure