A life of its own…

Y’now I've been immersed in color for the last few months.  Not my usual multi-colored chaos (although there’s no escaping that) – but a very specific niche of color – as I explore and examine the color wheel. It’s a project I played with a few years ago keeps returning to in one way or another. … Continue reading A life of its own…

12 things about TWELVTY

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on letting go, on moving on

Continuing from yesterpost, as I'm finding my place in this book, it's finding its place in my days. I'm loving the contrast of my art against the books original purpose (which I spoke of more over here). The waves and the lines criss-crossing the verbal nonsense. More than this I'm enjoying the meditation of the evening ritual this book … Continue reading on letting go, on moving on

daily learning

Do you have daily practices? I kinda do, but my progress moves like a caterpillar - that scrunching-stretching motion, so while it averages out as daily, it might not always be technically daily. This is the thing: - I'm acknowledging this now instead of berating myself. I'm learning my rhythms and working within them.  I'm letting the process … Continue reading daily learning

where’s my muse gone?

Y'know the thing, where you've cleared some time, you've made some space, you've got peace and quiet for a reasonable stretch of time. All those obstacles that prevent you from creating in the usual day-to-day-ness of life............. ........... and where's your muse gone? ...... when did that perpetual freaking flood of imagination dry up? Sometimes (I think) when the ideas sense … Continue reading where’s my muse gone?

the other side of the ugly (18/52)

  Yesterday I was sharing about the ugly side of creativity. When it's in that worse before it gets better zone. The only way outa here is forward: Charge on forward through this zone. If you can't carry on right now, let it rest.Let it settle. When you come back it's going to look different: … Continue reading the other side of the ugly (18/52)

midweek mayhem (18/52)

Y'know when you hear about a new thing, then you hear about it again within a really short time, and you think: Hey, Universe, are you trying to  tell me something here? Well, this week I've read in more than 2 places the suggestion of freeing up your creative mojo by drawing freestyle, playing about … Continue reading midweek mayhem (18/52)

Water In Parallel (part 4)

The story so far, has lead us to this point Now, if you know me at all, you'll understand that I need colour like I need coffee, sleep and oxygen. So while the peeling back process had restored some of the original brightness, it's not enough for me. I'm getting hungry for colour and there's … Continue reading Water In Parallel (part 4)