Does this talk of 'Blue Monday' get you down? Who needs the media reminding them to feel any less bouyant and joyful than they already do? I need to counteract this craziness, and my way (as in all things) is to use color! Monday 16th January 2017 is now YELLOW MONDAY. Yellow is the color … Continue reading YELLOW MONDAY

Let’s Light up 2017

Things have been weighing heavily around here lately, you noticed that too?  Even when you do your best not to get dragged down there's still an underlying sense of being, at best, completely unsettled.  As I've shared here before, if it weren't for my art practice I think I would have sunk many times. A few days ago … Continue reading Let’s Light up 2017

reflecting ‘so much more’ 27/52

Every week I create something. Some weeks I create more. In fact - most days I create loads - but in terms of the tangible, the painty reality, every week of this year I am creating at least one something: One page of One book of One year I'm over half way in now, and … Continue reading reflecting ‘so much more’ 27/52

5 Stages of Creative Obsession

I'm working on a new project. It's SO Much Fun! It really crept up on me, without realizing I'd run the full gamut of the 5 stages of taking on a new and seemingly unlikely creative obsession What the...? Why would someone do that? That makes no sense to me... I'm not one to judge, … Continue reading 5 Stages of Creative Obsession

the other side of the ugly (18/52)

  Yesterday I was sharing about the ugly side of creativity. When it's in that worse before it gets better zone. The only way outa here is forward: Charge on forward through this zone. If you can't carry on right now, let it rest.Let it settle. When you come back it's going to look different: … Continue reading the other side of the ugly (18/52)

Water in Parallel: Bring in the Deities

The two Water paintings have been progressing along since I last showed you. The biggest development has been that they are now populated with deities. I've invited in the spirits of some gods and goddesses from all parts of our history and mythology. In keeping with the themes, these are rulers of water and creativity. … Continue reading Water in Parallel: Bring in the Deities

ideas about ideas about ideas…

I've been processing thoughts on and around the creative process over the weekend. Unravelling thought processes. In my exploration I can across this article 'Find your creative currency'. It invites us to explore where our ideas emerge from. Like the author I can happily binge on texture. Tree bark, rocks, skin, textiles, metals (and everything … Continue reading ideas about ideas about ideas…

What if….

Of all the things we cling to, I find expected outcomes are hard to drop. Some hope of sense of stability or control... That desire to know what's next, where I'm steering towards and what it'll look like when I get there. Which I know isn't real. Just imagine the possibilities that could show themselves. … Continue reading What if….

It’s simple: You take so…

It's simple: You take something and do something to it, and then you do something else to it. Keep doing this, and pretty soon you've got something

In adopting this premise put forward by Jasper Johns that to create is: 'take something and do something to it', and I like to suspend expectation, then just  'keep doing things'.

Popular wisdom cautions us that creation can go too far - ruined by not knowing when to stop, fidgeting and niggling the spontaneity and spirit away, from whence it cannot be reclaimed.

Unless you choose otherwise.

I'm playing with a new attitude.

One in which there cannot be a point where I step back and tell myself, after critical consideration: This is shit, this has failed, I can't do this, this is not what I planned, followed up by I give up. If, at the time I observe and consider progress, there is no judgement; either it's done, or it isn't.

And even if it is, maybe some more will be done to it another time.

It's all ephemeral.