art is everywhere…

...but you knew that, right? I've been looking at some of my old sketchbooks. Back in 2011 I did a textile art workshop. The topic for our designs was grids. The week before I'd been to the Kniting & Stitching Show at Ally Pally - I came home with bags of new goodies to play with, and … Continue reading art is everywhere…

derailed logic

You know me well enough by now - you know not to expect a simple train of logic, don't you? When I found this anonymous model, the leopardskin, that sultry seductive look, and all the glamour of the 1940's 'do -- and I don't remember the exact connecting train of thought that same next -- I just straight away … Continue reading derailed logic

the str-e-e-e-tch

This guy was in a yoga magazine before he got here. In between times he's been hanging out in my collection of cut out magazine snippings. I haven't attempted this asana for a long while, it's one that feels amazing at full stretch with straight limbs like this, but limbs and joints don't always want … Continue reading the str-e-e-e-tch

merging emerging

Last night I couldn't sleep. So I painted. And I pondered. Life is as quick as a flash, a sprint through some generations and it's done. And life is a slow evolution, spiralling up through understanding new layers of the game. It's both. Everything & Nothing. Empty & Full. Contrast & Confusion. Zigs & Zags. … Continue reading merging emerging

Create Your Own Map (22/52)

This recurring instruction: Create Your Own Map. It's what I'm endeavoring to do. I'm mapping my way as I go. I document when I remember, I share when I think it might help. Starting out in the usual fashion: Colours and curls, Cut outs, collaging the inconsequential, daubs, dabs, smudgy smear. State the intention. Then … Continue reading Create Your Own Map (22/52)

Two Views (21/52)

Art journalers who embrace the unplanned, who find their mojo in the serendipitous, whose ideas bloom out of happenstance: these folks will know this old trick: Squash that inky stencil between future pages of the book in which you're playing and get the two-folded benefits of not wasting a drop of delicious colour and planting … Continue reading Two Views (21/52)

the other side of the ugly (18/52)

  Yesterday I was sharing about the ugly side of creativity. When it's in that worse before it gets better zone. The only way outa here is forward: Charge on forward through this zone. If you can't carry on right now, let it rest.Let it settle. When you come back it's going to look different: … Continue reading the other side of the ugly (18/52)

butterfly overflow (9/52)

Week 9 of this year is made out of the colours of Spring, honoring the sense of Spring as the world comes back to life after her quiet  dormant months. And some of last week's butterflies have flitted across into this week too. I had a big old tidy up after finishing that project and … Continue reading butterfly overflow (9/52)

New Beginnings

It's that time of year, time of life, time of day.. it's also the name of an exhibition I have some work in. The title is open to interpretation but it got me thinking about the saying What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly. So with my fav … Continue reading New Beginnings

for the love of paper

Isn't there something irresistable about paper? this page is centred around play with handmade paper. Not made by me I hasten to add - that's a game I haven't played (yet)! It lends itself so well to roughly torn edgery, and as I discovered this week, tearing it when wet makes for even fluffier edges. … Continue reading for the love of paper