Balanced in blues

Day 37. As summer has finally arrived in the UK the balancing cool blues refresh the eyes and the soul. It's watercolor again today. Day 38. A rummage through my box of ideas produced these photos of anonymous Victorian ladies, in the classically wistful pose of the age. Their eyes and details are enhanced with … Continue reading Balanced in blues

continuing the journey

Day 33. Water colors and inks, I like the dreamily muted colors, and again the upside/downside number thing. Day 34 Doodles run free. This is the kinda page that I could keep on adding to but think I'll leave it here for now. Day 35. This is the kinda page that I did keep on … Continue reading continuing the journey


Day 30 is a watery page, dabbles and doodles in watercolor, with an unusual amount of white page left showing. The lettering is done with a Pilot Parallel Pen Day 31 was a feast of color, explorations with the interaction of water and pigment, and some more chopped and hole-punched dyed paper Day 32. There's … Continue reading splash!

some days of my pages

hey guys, where you been? I've missed you! were here all the time? no way! It must be me then πŸ˜‰ Time, tide and that other thing have been conspiring to keep me from your screens, but I return, and with bountiful supplies of recent pages! πŸ˜€ So without too much further ado... Day … Continue reading some days of my pages

recent days

Back to the page a day project, unaccountably I seem to have ten days backed up and un-shown-off to you! How did that happen??! Sitting comfortably? Here they come.............................. Day 7 was the day I first played with black gesso. Delighted! I was expecting a kinda chalky grey-ish-ness that absolutely isn't there. My new love … Continue reading recent days

how my week began

It's a funny thing, doing this daily page, and the more I get into the routine of doing it, the more I'm getting out of it. I'm seeing it increasingly as a visual reference to my daily life. This is how my week is looking so far... in detail:

waking up to a new week

Y'huh, I know it's Tuesday... but don't we all get those weeks that won't kick-start properly? Ok, so I'm up n running now! Reflecting on the latest page-a-day pages.... I took advantage of Satuday's sunshine to photograph my pages in the garden (reminded as I type this as the rain pours outside my window!), so … Continue reading waking up to a new week

Sat urday

With the rest of the alphabet stencils cut (ok... v, w, x, y, z aren't done yet... it's a bit fiddly and I wanted to get on and play!) today's page is all about sat sat saturday... Layering up the letters, positive and negative cut-outs Using a mix of acrylics, glazes, watercolors, gouache, pastels and … Continue reading Sat urday