10th anniversary Tree of Life

Yesterpost I was showing you the Tree of Life, the drawing that's been with me for (still finding this bit hard to believe) ten years. I've photoshopped it through a few variations over this time, and to celebrate it's tenth birthday I decided to reinvent one more incarnation for 2017. More vivid, more zingy, the colors are almost an … Continue reading 10th anniversary Tree of Life

tree of life

Life often moves in a spiral motion: I've been here before, haven't you? The view is a little bit different through today's lens but what I see looks distinctly familiar. It feels like no time passed, in so many senses, but the numbers tell me it's approaching 10 years since I drew this.   I remember … Continue reading tree of life

wandering mind

Cooking dinner one evening last week, waiting for the pot to boil: The condensation forming on the lid was developing into this fabulous leopardskin effect. Too good to miss. I love the ephemeral beauty in the everyday. It's everywhere, once you start to look. So I took this photo and shared it on social media in the circles who … Continue reading wandering mind

take 5: episode 1, at a crossroads

I was telling you yester-post how I'd reached a crossroads in my reimaginings. Here's the thing: A thing with which you'll be familiar if the kind of art you make has the option to re-wind time.... Merrily trotting along to a certain point and Save; Turn down a figurative side road, Do more stuff, Have an adventure. ....And also Be … Continue reading take 5: episode 1, at a crossroads

take 5: episode 1

Y'know how I've been revisiting my digital art? I've also been rooting through my online galleries. Some of those pieces date back almost a decade, and some still hold up well. But some were looking a bit tired, a bit shabby, or just plain meh. So I archived them away. I've still got most of the images … Continue reading take 5: episode 1

Pixel Pushing

A while back I was remembering an episode in my life when indulging in messy painty art just wasn't practical. Limited by space constraints, impeded by my environment - a short term let in a flat with a brand new carpet. This coincided with the opportunity to teach myself to Photoshop. Digital cameras were still quite new. It feels like … Continue reading Pixel Pushing

digital art – rewind

In a recent post I was telling you about my early beginnings in digital art. But guess what - turns out there was earlier stuff that I'd totally forgotten about! Pre-dating that by a good couple of years ago or so, there was stuff like this. This is like rooting through the loft space of … Continue reading digital art – rewind

thinking in digital

I got back into art after a long while away from it. Whilst 'grown up life' was busy occupying too much of my time and I pedantically stood in the way of where I wanted to be, I dwelt in a creative famine that lasted for too many years to recall. The thing that brought … Continue reading thinking in digital

digtal fings

hey folks, hope you're all keeping well n keeping warm! I've just been looking through some pics from last year on my computer, and thought I'd share with you some of my digital doings. For about 10 years, pretty much all the art I made was based in the digital world. Having a small space … Continue reading digtal fings