circus of uncertainty

It's a continuing theme... We are back in the book again.Β Come in, have a stroll round... It's a bit wordy underfoot so mind your step. There's a regularity to the irregular once you get used to it here. There's a quiet comfort in the uncertainty. And as in the parallel world outside, no-one's really sure … Continue reading circus of uncertainty

Fueled by Doubt 36/52

I look at them in their lives and their worlds, they do their things and they live their days. I can do that. Look - watch me - I'm doing my things and living my days. And then I turn sideways, and vanish. Where did I go?Β All the fear folded in on me. It all … Continue reading Fueled by Doubt 36/52

Doubt and self deception

the question I keep re-asking myself this morning is: how is better not better?  Huh? I mean, if a change is for the better, indisputably, measurably improved, better, then what reason would there to be to doubt it? Sure there's a compromise, isn't there always? But the net is gain.  So what's with the doubt? … Continue reading Doubt and self deception